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Seven levels were cut out of Besania Hill, Mukono, which has produced a terraced effect. Hillside construction is the architectural style adopted to capitalise on a breathe-taking environment. This consists of a great variety of flora, (some flowers were introduced from surrounding countries) and fauna that include several species of birds and families of monkeys which inhabit the trees on 15 acres of grounds. The serenity of the environment, the diversity of fauna and flora, the blending of the natural and human environment all define The Ankrah Foundation.

Programmes conducted at the foundation

We anticipate that the variety of services offered at this facility will meet your needs. These include the following:

 Ø  Board Meetings: Two boardrooms are located in our Administration Block, the Cherry Building. This is secluded from the main center of activity on Level Five of our seven-leveled hillside. This ensures not only privacy, but also absolute quietness, regardless of the number of groups that are at the Foundation at any time.

 Ø  Management Strategic Planning Groups: We offer six comfortable meeting rooms with a capacity to seat 400 people, altogether. Meals and break-teas are all served within close proximity to the meeting rooms. Moving from one place to another wastes no time, and thus groups have an opportunity to focus on the purposes of their gathering. The residences also are close by; it takes no more than two to five minutes to reach the sleeping areas.

 Ø  Training Groups: These do not only enjoy the spectacular green surroundings, but they also have access to various breakout areas, in either indoor or outdoor spaces. The Foundation has begun to play host to students and staff of local and international universities and other learning institutions.

 Ø  Team Building Groups: These groups that usually come in on weekends have much to appreciate at TAF. There is a three-acre Park in which most of the groups hosted carry out their team building. The Park is also just a stone’s throw away from the rest of the meeting facilities. Our one-acre Garden has three patios, tables and benches that allow for rest after the vigorous exercise of team building. It also is ideal for quiet reflection. Monkeys, birds and butterflies entertain guests at no-extra charge. Literally!

 Ø  Workshops and Seminars: We are an increasingly popular place chosen by organizations for serious thinking, writing and getting good results through those usual types of meetings. Facilitators appreciate the location; they never loose participants mid-way their programmes, where escaping midway sessions is a well-known problem.

 Ø  Large - Scale Conferences: In addition to our eight meeting halls and boardroom, The John Bikangaga Auditorium seats up to 690 people. It is frequently used for a lesser number of people, or when group facilitation requires a break up of a meeting into several small groups, but in one setting.

 Ø  Excursions and picnics: The Ankrah Foundation provides an avenue for groups to come and enjoy days’ outings within the premises. This is ideal for families, institutions of learning and other corporate bodies. The beautiful gardens, park and specially designed hiking trails are ideal for bird watching, primate amusements, general nature appreciation and relaxation.


Other nearby points of interest includes:

·  The famous Source of the Nile (45 Minutes)

·    Bujagali Falls for white water rafting (45 Minutes)

·    21 Km to Kasubi Tombs, the resting place of the Buganda kings (60 Minutes)

·    Direct to the road reaching the International Airport at Entebbe (120 Minutes)

·    Nakasero and Owino Markets, the leading providers for local foods, crafts (60 Minutes)

·    Crafts Village at the National Theatre (60 Minutes)

·    Golf at Kitante- Yusuf Lule Road (60 Minutes)

·    Mabira Forest (30 Minutes)

·    Ssezibwe Falls (25 Minutes)

 Ø  Rest and Relaxation

Besides special groups, the Foundation is open to people who wish to come and relax during weekends and after work for a sundowner.

 Ø  Corporate Carnival Days: A new package has been tailored to meet the customers’ desire for something extra and special. Every end of the month, we organize a feasting event where members of the public and the corporate world meet and interact over a variety of meats and drinks.

 Ø  TAF also offers special packages for weddings and receptions, graduation parties, honeymoons and anniversaries. These can be organized outdoor (in the Park or Gardens) or indoors within our airy and spacious Auditorium. However, small indoor venues are available for small groups.

 Ø  Photography: With the diversity in fauna and flora, blending well with the breathtaking landscape, The Foundation has been recommended as an ideal place for photography in both still and motion pictures. Personal, family or commercial films can be taken from The Foundation. Also of importance are educational pictures taken of the diverse flora and fauna. Newly- weds frequent the grounds for their wedding photos-- a very frequent choice!

 Ø  Ecotourism: the Foundation is blessed with diverse flora and fauna that form its natural environment. The cultural environment that surrounds the Foundation forms another basic component of ecotourism. These are the villages available for excursions and sight seeing, the Uganda Christian University Campus, and the emerging Municipality-- Mukono.

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