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The 15 years’ operation has shown an impressive growth in facilities. Eight buildings spread out over the nearly sixteen acre grounds. Esteemed customers receive from our renowned friendly staff the following:

Accommodation: We have 93 rooms in total including  two family ensuite rooms. In additional, four tastefully furnished lounges and a dining facility, ample to serve 120 people, are in place. Other dinning spaces accommodate another 160 people. These are at the top-most vistas or hills of Besania.

In-room facilities include:

•    Solar lighting throughout the residences
•    Wireless internet connectivity
•    Multi-channel TV sets
•    Computer plug-points
•    Complimentary fruit basket or other items for honeymooners and special guests.
•    Writing desks
•    Magazines/ journals for relaxation
•    Generator for key meeting areas.

Meals: Buffet meals are served in a dining facility that currently seats 120. It features an international cuisine, carefully prepared by our chefs who have a 5- star expertise and international experience. The a la carte menu is served to walk-ins. We also offer special events’ meals like: Texas barbeques, cocktails, and campfires. Our dinning is situated at the summit of Mukono District, the highest point according to ancient geographical surveys. The best view yet of Lake Victoria and Kampala will come in view as the guests dine.

Internet services: We have upgraded our internet services. One can access internet in the comfort of their rooms/ board room/ lounges or in our gardens. Basically, with this hot spot service, one is assured of internet any where on our premises.

Grounds: The Ankrah Foundation Ltd has a one-acre Garden with outdoor breakout, seating and shelter, plus the Park of three acres for outdoor sports. Its future expansion programme includes a health club with swimming pool, a children’s playground, and an open-air chapel - reflection center.

Entertainment: DSTV and TV sets in every room, and a nook for drinks and personal items complement rest and relaxation. Indoor games facilities are also available for use. Additionally, TAF can host a cultural troop to entertain our guests during special occasions like opening or closing ceremonies. Watching the resident monkeys fly over our tall trees also provides an important entertainment for nature lovers.

Ankrah Academy Holiday Camps

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